Original biology plate art print.


Hand-drawn illustration of starfish commonly found around the Isle of Man and in the Irish rockpools.

This identification plate presents 9 Asterozoa (Aster=star, Zoa=animal).

The selected starfish drawn are the ones you will most likely find if you go tide-pooling around the Isle of Man, Eastern Ireland and Western UK.

They are: the asterias rubens (common starfish), the amphipholis squamata (small brittle star), the marthasterias (spiny starfish), the ophiothrix fragilis (common brittle star), the crossaster papposus (common sun-star), the Henrica oculata (bloody Henry), the luidia ciliaris (seven-armed sea star) and the anseropoda placenta (goose foot starfish).

All the starfish are listed with both their common names and scientific names.

The Asterozoa print is part of the rockpool print set which includes the Decapoda print and the Osetichthyes print.


Square Format: 30 x 30 cm (12 x 12 inches).

Paper: Museum-quality heavyweight fine art matte paper – 200 gsm.

Printing process: Giclée print with real pigment inks.

Shipping method: Rolled in a postal tube – The frame is not included – Free, tracked, shipping.

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