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Hand-drawn map of the Hawaiian Islands with detailed sections dedicated to volcanology and geology.

This Map is delicate and beautifully balanced. The Southeastern (Windward) Hawaiian Islands have clear elevation lines and their volcanoes, dormant, extinct, and active, have been placed and named on the map. The Pacific Ocean around the Islands also has depth lines and shows surrounding seamounts.

A monk seal, sperm whale, green sea turtle, blue whale and a Newell’s shearwater can all be spotted in or above the waters. Other illustrations include information about local geological rocks, the formation of the Hawaiian Archipelago and the local reefs.

The legend is decorated with a Koa tree on which sits one of Hawaii’s most famous Honeycreeper: the ‘I’iwi bird.

In addition, the Royale map of the Hawaiian Islands features:

  • Notable settlements
  • High points
  • Elevations
  • And more…

Unlike old map reproductions, this original cartographic artwork is based on modern satellite imagery for better accuracy.
Printed with love, on museum quality paper, with artisanal pigment inks.

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Size: 90 x 60 cm (35 x 23 inches).
Paper: Museum-quality heavyweight fine art matte paper – 200 gsm.
Printing process: Giclée print with real pigment inks.
Shipping method: Rolled in postal tube – The frame is not included – Free tracked shipping.


  1. Sasha Morris

    Mesmerizing… I love it, thanks!

  2. Noe Elisson

    i set out to find a nice map of Hawaii for the office, and believe i’ve found the best. The only one that’s up to date, that you can actually read and the artwork is absolutely gorgeous. Really happy with my order.

  3. Debra Howard

    Absolutely beautiful and is the perfect gift!
    God bless!

  4. Craig Peterson

    The paper is thick, be careful not to fold a corner while unboxing the map, which I did. Thankfully it’ now hidden by the frame! The artwork is brilliant, all about natural aspects of the islands.

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