Hevelius Leo Constellation map


Leo constellation chart print by Johannes Hevelius (1611-87), taken from his catalogue “Prodromus astronomiae”.

Elisabeth Hevelius published “Prodromus astronomiae” after her husband’s death. Elisabeth Hevelius, known as the first female astronomer, was very much taken by her husband’s work and assisted him greatly during his lifetime.

This constellation map of Leo shows latitude, longitude, right ascension, and declination.

During his lifetime, Johannes Hevelius named eleven new constellations formed of stars not included in earlier groupings; seven of these names are still used today.

The Leo constellation plate also shows parts of the Hydra and Cancer constellations.

Your guarantees for this re-print are:

  • High quality resolution for the best legibility.
  • Printed on heavyweight 200g Archival paper.
  • Archival giclée printing method, using real pigments for a beautiful and natural result.
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Dimensions :

Size: 40 x 30 cm (16 x 12 inches).
Paper: Museum-quality, heavyweight, fine art matte German made paper – 200 gsm.
Printing process: Giclée print with pigment inks.
Shipping method: Rolled in postal tube – The frame is not included – Free tracked shipping.

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