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Print Size: 35″ x 23″

My love for volcanic islands was the driving force that led me to explore this beautiful Pacific archipelago and create a map of the Hawaiian Islands.

The creation of the map of Hawaii marked a pivotal moment for Royale Maps, serving as a compass guiding us towards new possibilities in ornamental cartography.

I immersed myself in the culture, geology, and natural world of Hawaii, allowing me to illustrate this map with a sense of freedom. The result was unexpected, even for me.

For the first time, nature took center stage in this map. While the Map of Florida had already paid tribute to nature, the map of Hawaii elevated Royale Maps to a whole new level.

I contemplated discontinuing this version of the map of Hawaii after partnering with the Hawaii Wildlife Fund. It was Hannah, the NGO’s director, who asked me if I would consider creating a new map without the nicknames of the Islands.

Hawaii attracts 10 million visitors a year, and for most of them, pronouncing the correct Hawaiian name of every island is a bit of a mouthful… I had never really given it a second thought until Hannah told me that nicknaming the islands wasn’t necessarily endorsed, especially calling Kaho’olawe the Target Island as it is no longer bombed and is in recovery for spiritual and cultural renewal.

“Big Island,” widely accepted to refer to Hawai’i, actually has another name used by practitioners: Keawe. So, even “Big Island” is no longer considered appropriate by most practitioners in print.

However, there is some demand for our map of Hawaii with the Americanized names of the islands. If you are looking for a map of Hawaii with the “English names” for all islands, then this map is for you.

If you prefer a map of Hawaii with the names of the islands in Hawaiian, please check out our more recent edition of this map: the second edition of the Map of Hawaii, nickname-free.

IMPERIAL: 35″ (A) x 23″ (B) x 42″ (C)
METRIC: 90 cm (A) x 60 cm (B) x 108cm (C)
PAPER: 200gsm archival, lightly textured, matte rag by Hahnemühle, made in Germany.

PRINT QUALITY: Giclée printing technique. PACKAGING: The print comes rolled in tissue paper, in an eco postal tube.

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