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beautiful, useful & current wall maps.

Cartography desk.

Most wall maps are either computer-generated, reprints or purely decorative...

If you look for a wall map to decorate your interior, you will be offered either reprints, modern computer-generated maps, or purely decorative maps.

Reprints are basically scans from old maps sent out to a printer who will then ship the print to you. Etsy and amazon are full of these. There’s nothing wrong with a good ol’ map, but they’re outdated, and often hard to read, because they were never meant to be decorative wall prints.

Computer-generated maps are those so-called “custom maps” or “personalised maps” where you get to choose your city or area. The seller uses an app based on Google Maps and will produce a modern-looking map with few colours.

Purely decorative maps are illustrated maps that contain no accurate geographical informations.