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Printing the Anemones Artwork

Anemones are the flowers of the roockpools. Brightly coloured and still, there are easy to spot and admire. Beadlet anemones are numerous and quite often, the first you will see on a low tide. Clinging to rocks among the limpets, they’ll appear like a lifeless, burgundy, gelatinous blob. But don’t

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Rockpool Collection: Osteichthyes.

Plate number 3 in a set of 4, this one is all about the bony fish you could find whilst rock pooling around the Irish sea. The Osteichthyes plate depicts 10 different species of fish which we often find in our rockpools. They are the rock goby, the butterfish, the

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Rockpool collection: Asterozoa

The second in a set of 4 rock-pool plates, the Asterozoa illustration just arrived and will be added to the shop shortly! The illustration shows the types of starfish you are most likely to find whilst rock-pooling in the Irish Sea. The species included are the common starfish, the small

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A map in Tynwald

  An XL version of the map of Mann was commissioned by the Legislative Council and now hangs in Tynwald. 🙂 On the day, we were warmly greeted by The Hon Stephen Charles RODAN, President of Tynwald, Roger Ian Sexton PHILLIPS, Clerk of Tynwald, Jonathan KING, Deputy Clerk, and Tanya August-Hanson,

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Welcomed by the Douglas Mayor and Mayoress

The Mayor and Mayoress of Douglas invited Annie, our beloved French Honorary Consul, and her little Frenchies to a cosy evening at the Douglas Town Hall. We were well looked after with drinks, nibbles, and a tour of the Town Hall followed by an entertaining talk from His Worship in the

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Hawaii: tectonics & Pele.

Amid the flower leis and mai tais.  I plead guilty. I bought into the beach resort stereotype. Since I can remember, Hawaii has been little more to me than a long-haul holiday destination where one goes to roast on a beach. But then I clicked. Like that day when someone,

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How Kilauea inspired the map of Hawaii

Maps were created to tell the stories of men, testaments to their discoveries, wars, conquests and possessions.  I began working on this map of Hawaii wall art in late April 2018. Feelings attach themselves to things, places, people… A place as reputed as the Islands of Hawaii evokes something in

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