A map in Tynwald


An XL version of the map of Mann was commissioned by the Legislative Council and now hangs in Tynwald. 🙂

On the day, we were warmly greeted by The Hon Stephen Charles RODAN, President of Tynwald, Roger Ian Sexton PHILLIPS, Clerk of Tynwald, Jonathan KING, Deputy Clerk, and Tanya August-Hanson, MLC.

Roger Phillips was most informative about all the wonderful art hanging above the spiral staircase going up to the legislative office, He was kind enough to let us into the room where some amazing Norman Sayle watercolours are kept. Beautiful!

Shaking hands with the President of Tynwald.

After handing over the map, Tanya and Paul, the guardian of the Sword of State, took us on a private tour of the old Bank of Mona and around all the chambers. It was great fun and we learned sooo much.

Oli in the Speaker’s Chair with the original House of Keys’ snuff box before him. (It wasn’t empty.)

If you ever have the time, we highly recommend taking a tour of the “wedding cake”, it really is worth it. The tours happen weekly and are totally free! You’ll find all the info you need here on how to book a guided tour of Tynwald.

Or if you fancy a copy of this map, here it is:

Catherine x

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