What makes a quality print?

Paper is the canvas and guardian of your art,
trusted to protect your art’s integrity
through light and time. 

We seek to give you and our prints the best, that’s why Royale Maps paper is a responsibly sourced, mattepremium heavyweight paper designed for archival storage and made by the renowned German factory Hahnemühle.

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Made in Germany.

The Hahnemühle paper Mill was first founded in 1584 in the Duchy of Brunswick. Making paper is an art which Hahnemühle has refined for the last 430 year. 

Their know how is unrivalled and they are one of the last classic paper mills to produce the highest quality artists’ papers. 

Still manufactured in Germany to this day, Hahnemühle paper is by far the best when looking for a paper that will offer your prints vibrancy, grain and colour consistency and longevity.

Heavyweight reliability.

Heavyweight paper is thick paper. The heavier the sheet of paper, the thicker it is.

Paper thickness varies greatly, the paper you use in your A4 home printer is not the same as the paper you would use to paint a watercolour landscape. The thicker the paper, the more it can act like a sponge and soak in all those beautiful pigments. 

Therefore, it is important when you use real pigment inks, like we do, to have a quality rag that will absorb and preserve the pigments through time.

We use a 200gsm (Grams per Square Meter) Hahnemühle paper which is weighty, sturdy and feels truly impressive.


Responsibly sourced paper

Our Hahnemühle alpha-cellulose paper is made from high grade wood pulp sourced from FSC or PEFC certified deciduous and coniferous forests.

FSC and PEFC forests are sustainably managed forests where, for example, for every felled tree a seedling is planted.

Archival paper, made to last 100 year +

Royale Maps paper is carefully refined to be acid-free which enhances our paper’s resistance to ageing. 

Our selected paper contains no optical brightening agents (OBA). OBA’s are used to enhance the whitening effects of paper but also hinder the longevity of the print. 

RM paper is also lignin free which ensures that your print does not yellow with age. 

The paper we use is tested to be light resistant for at least 100 years and more.

Of course, to achieve such results you will need to keep your print away from direct sunlight.

No gloss, just Matte depth.

The matte finish of our paper offers a gentle grainy texture and natural tactile surface without unnecessary sheen or gloss.

This particular finish faithfully renders the sharp details of your print and provides exceptional tonality. 


You will love the matte paper finish which gives a truly unique and authentic feel to all Royale Maps prints.

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