Original biology plate art print.


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Hand-drawn illustration of all the bony fish commonly found around the West coast of England, Northern British Isles and in Eastern Irish rockpools.

This biological identification plate presents 10 Osteichthyes (Osteon=bone, Ikhthus=fish).

The small rockpool fish drawn in this illustration are the ones you will most likely find on a rock pooling expedition.

They are: the gobius paganellus (rock goby), the pholis gunnelus (butterfish), the pomatoschistus minutus (sand goby), the spinachia spinachia (fifteen-spined stickleback), the anguila anguila (juvenile European eel), the lepadogaster lepadogaster (shore clingfish), nerophis ophidion (straightnose pipefish), taurulus bubalis (long-spined sea scorpion), parablennius gattorugine (tompot blenny) and the lipophrys pholis (shanny).

All the rockpool fish are listed with both their common names and scientific names.

The Osteichthyes print is part of the rockpool 4 print set which includes the Decapoda print and the Asterozoa print.


Square Format: 30 x 30 cm (12 x 12 inches).

Paper: Museum-quality heavyweight fine art matte paper – 200 gsm.

Printing process: Giclée print with real pigment inks.

Shipping method: Rolled in a postal tube – The frame is not included – Free, tracked, shipping.

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